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Vapid Scent Blends


While not all of our scents are blended in house, a vast majority of them are. We take the highest quality fragrance oils and blend them together in ways that make everything smell delicious!

Not all scents on this list are available all the time, this is a running list of scents that we offered, or will offer at random. Please check the current stock for availability.



0* Turn Radius - Sweet, freshly mown lawn, lush and green. Like what the summer smells like in the morning.

Avocado & Sea Salt - Salty notes of the ocean, grapefruit, soft white rose and creamy avocado. Fresh, clean and spa ready!

Bear Claw - Almond Lovers Unite! Sweet almond, buttery pastry and a hint of almond cookies. 

Beau-Ket - It’s a fresh cut bouquet, right from the garden. Hydrangea, rose, jasmine and lily, with notes of fresh turned, wet earth. If you need the outside to make it’s way inside, this is the scent you are looking for. This is not powdery, overly processed floral, this is fresh, and realistic. AMAZING!

Best Buds - Unique and absolutely fascinating!  A quite captivating blend of Bulgarian rose, pomegranate flower, bergamot, cannabis accord, sheer jasmine, dark chocolate, white musk, patchouli, and oolong tea. 

Bird of Paradise - A classic scent…strawberries, coconuts and vanilla!

Birthday Buns - Cinnamon buns with a triple dose of frosting, in vanilla, cream cheese and butter creme.

Blackberry Sugar Milk & Cookies - Blackberries and sweet sugar filled cream with buttery shortbread cookies.

Blueberry Almond Cream - A blast of blueberries and fresh country cream, layered with almond macaroons for a lightly sweet and surprising blend.

Blueberry Cobbler - Mouthwatering blueberries and sweet vanilla, with a hint of crumble.

Boardwalk - Saltwater taffy, kettle corn and strawberry taffy. This sweet and creamy, salty and wonderful scent is over the top happy!

Bourbon Glazed Bread Pudding - Sweetened bread, hints of cinnamon and clove, blended with tons of maple, brown sugar and vanilla extract. Topped off with the perfect amount of boozy glaze, just a hint of bourbon to make this classic dessert to absolutely die for!

Candy Clouds - Tart lemon zest and sweet lemon curd, a dollop of vanilla and a whole cloud of cotton candy! Light and lip smacking sweet!

Capistrano - Like the coastline of Orange County, California. Sweet oranges, driftwood, salt, ozone and a welcome wafting gardenia. Absolutely captivating.

Cap'n Crunk Loops - Sweet cereal milk, with fruit bursting at the seams of the most delectable loops.

Caramel Macchiato - Deep and rich espresso, frothed milk and a sweet note of caramel. YES!

Chai - Classic and spicy, green tea, cinnamon bark, cloves, ginger, cardamom and nutmeg.

Cherry Pie - Tart cherries, flaky warm pie crust and a dollop of cream. This scent makes our mouth water!

Cinnamon Dolce - Smooth dark espresso, frothed milk and sweet, sweet cinnamon. A decadent and addictive treat!

Cinnamon Toast - We think this smells like our childhood favorite cereal! Cinnamon and sugar dusted bread.

Clear Headed - For when our faces rebel against us! A ridiculously crisp blend of camphor, eucalyptus, and mint.

Coffee House Ice Cream - Coffee Lovers, this is all for you! Sweet buttery cream is laced with smooth Brazilian coffee. Hints of brown sugar and cocoa powder add delightful richness to creamy vanilla ice cream.

Cookies! - Buttery Shortbread and the best sugar cookies ever!

Cookies & Milk - Fresh chocolate chip cookies and light, sweet, creamy milk. Delicious! 

Cotton Candy - Big billowy clouds of pink cotton candy, spun sugar and just a hint of fruit.

Cotton Candy Crunch Berries - Wild berries, plum, raspberries, strawberries, vanilla, and sugar, with decadent bakery roots. Tonka Bean and cream rounded out with maple. 

Cotton Candy Frosted Cake - Lightly spun sugar and creamy frosting with the lightest bit of cakey goodness!

Cravings - Strawberry stuffed, sugar sprinkled donuts dancing with spun sugar frosted birthday cake!

Dragon Snacks - This is a bakery heavy scent! Rich yellow cake, buttercream frosting laced with cotton candy and a splash of honeydew melon for a twist of juice.

Dreamsicle - For real, this smells like childhood tastes. Orange juicy, sugary and oh so very creamy! AMAZING!

Earl Grey Apple Splash - This is juicy and cool! Splashes of cucumber and apple, with soft black tea and wafting bergamot soaked in ozone. Clean and refreshing!

Enticing Bitter Bean - Espresso and drip, a cup of Joe, oil on top, rich dark beans...and a touch of sugar!

Fairy Sugar - A sweet blend of bamboo, citrus and pomegranate with creamy undertones of berry and musk and sweetened with vanilla and sugar cane crystals. Clean and fresh, sweet and juicy!

Funnel Cake - Fried and smothered in powdered sugar!

Grape Ape - Sweet caramelized bananas, grape soda floats, and a dollop of vanilla cream!

Grapefruit Vanilla Splash - Tart and fabulous grapefruit blended with creamy smooth vanilla. This is an interestingly clean scent.

Girl From Ipanema - Mangos, papaya and coconut, a client favorite!

Hard Candy - Bright citrus and fruits in all the sugary confections imaginable.

Honey Berry Candy - Bright honeydew melon and juicy red strawberries have met light and happy spun sugar! Sweet, fruity and fun! 

Hunter - This is remarkably woodsy and masculine, Hawaiian sandalwood, notes of sweet amber, oud wood, and a hint of musk. Sexy and breathless, makes you wonder what’s hiding in the dark…

 Ice Cream Shop - A triple scoop of homemade ice cream on a fresh baked waffle cone with sprinkles! Don’t let it drip down your arm!

I Don’t Bite - Buttercream ice cream and raspberry swirls, with boo-berry cereal and hints of chocolate cookie dough and bakery goodness.

Jam & Fresh Bread - Strawberry and raspberry jams, smothered over slightly sweet, fresh baked bread.

Kona - Hawaiian Tropic type tanning oil, fruity and coconut filled.

Laundry Day - A twist on our favorite laundry soap smell, we’ve added a heavy handed bit of mango and papaya! It’s like laundry day in the tropics, without the folding and switching loads!

Lavender & Coconut Milk - Fresh and clean lavender, creamy vanilla and hints of musk. This scent is amazing!

Lavender Breeze - Cool cucumber and mint, married with lavender and traces of creamy light vanilla.

Lavender Dreamsicle - Bright orange and creamy vanilla with herbaceous lavender.

Mermaid Tears - Coconut splashed with lemon and orange notes, juicy and almost salty.

Miami Vice - A strawberry daiquiri and a piña colada had a wild one night stand, tropical and fun.

Peaches & Cream - Light and juicy sweet peaches and light cream.

Pebble's Cake - Frooty pebbles and the best ever birthday cake! Have some fun and take a huge slice!

Pegasus Poots - Lush blueberries, with a hint of orange, lemon and lime, and an herbaceous splash of lavender.

Pica! Pica! - This smells like our favorite local candy shop! Watermelon and jaw dropping wasabi! Don’t let this one fool you, it’s amazing!

Plummeting Pixie - Light and flaky pastry shells with rich, decadent vanilla cream, and hints of chocolate. All floating in a lemon and ripe juicy plum sauce.

Prim & Proper - Crème de menthe and ripe strawberries!

Purple Cow - Grape soda and vanilla ice cream!

Quiet Morning - Black tea, bergamot and wafts of marshmallow. Like a peaceful, crisp morning alone. 

Rise & Shine - Fresh, juicy orange notes, with apple, grapefruit, peach and strawberry with a touch of loganberry. One of our original best selling scents!

Salty Sea Air - Toes in the sand and salt in your hair! This is crisp ozone and salt, with hints of lily, sea spray and drift wood. AMAZING!

Serendipity - Sweet, thick, creamy vanilla with confectioners’ sugar, sweet cherry, sweet orange citrus and the tiniest amount of yummy fresh coconut. A delicious classic!

Shortcake - Sweet and sugary strawberry jam, light fluffy whipped cream and a slice of the most delicious yellow cake.

Smoking Jacket - Smells like Money, Power and Man. Smokey and rich, with notes of cognac, bergamot, and dark, bold tobacco leaves.

Spun Watermelon - Sweet and light spun sugar, and juicy, ripe watermelon.

Strawberry Lemon Fluff - Thick, sweet strawberry jam, tart lemon and creamy, dreamy, sugar-filled marshmallow.

Stress Relief - Relax and let the day go. This aromatic wonder combines lavender and sage, eucalyptus and spearmint, fresh ozone and dry down woods.

Sun Tan - Coppertone tanning oil-like, jasmine, lilac, lavender, and sweet rose floating in coconuts.

Sweet Orange & Chili Pepper - Bright citrus with a spicy back note that makes this interesting scent addictive.

Sweet Tooth - Juicy fresh sugared blueberries, upon rich cheesecake, and a side of strawberry jelly filled sugar coated donuts! OMG! This is heaven!

Tea & Almond Cakes - This is our spin on the classic Tea & Cakes. Black tea and citrus notes are the foreground, with almond macaroons and little finger cakes smothered in frosting. 

Trash Can Punch - It's a blend of fresh bananas, kiwi, strawberries, pineapple, bubble gum and undertones of vanilla. This is our take on the classic “monkey farts.”

Twas Brillig - Tart blueberries baked in crusty sugary goodness. Black tea, and citrus notes with little almond cakes and frosting. A most delightful experience!

Twisted Mermaid - A quite interesting blend of citrus and berries, sugar and airy sweetness a little bit of tropical and a touch of salt. 

Unicorn Milk - Sweet strawberries, ripe juicy peaches and frosting. 

Vapibirthday - Sweet white birthday cake, topped with frosting and blueberries, a slice of watermelon and a warm summer day. Yum!

Wildberry Mousse - Wildberries, brandied cherries and figs, wafting carnations, and cotton candy cream.


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