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Vapid Scent Blends


While not all of our scents are blended in house, a vast majority of them are. We take the highest quality fragrance oils and blend them together in ways that make everything smell delicious!

Unicorn Milk - Sweet Strawberries, Ripe Juicy Peaches and Frosting

Pegasus Poots - Lush Blueberries, with a hint of Orange, lemon and lime, and a herbaceous splash of lavender.

Cap'n Crunk Loops - Sweet cereal milk, with fruit bursting at the seams of the most delectable loops.

Bear Claw - Almond Lovers Unite! Sweet almond, buttery pastry and a hint of almond cookies.

Hard Candy - Bright citrus and fruits in all the sugary confections imaginable.

Blackberry Sugar Milk & Cookies - Blackberries and sweet sugar filled cream with buttery shortbread cookies.

Tea & Almond Cakes - This is our spin on the classic Tea & Cakes. Black tea and citrus notes are the foreground, with almond macaroons and little finger cakes smothered in frosting.

Birthday Buns - Cinnamon Buns with a triple dose of frosting, in vanilla, cream cheese and butter creme.



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