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Blend #1



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Blend #1


We all want dewy, glowing, trouble-free skin, but sometimes we need a little help getting there. In walks Blend #1. A beautiful concoction of light, diffusive, carrier oils designed to help soothe the beast that is the over-active nature of oily skin.  

A protective combination of some of the most nourishing and balancing oils known to touch the skin with light emollience while helping to decrease sebum production and re-balance the skin.

Even the seemingly oiliest of oily skin needs a moisturizer in order to prevent rebound sebum production. Don't starve your skin - that just creates excess oil production and causes clogged pores. 

Feed your skin and help it protect itself!

We love this blend for overly active, oil producing, combination and even shiny skin! Blend #1 absorbs quickly and cleanly to deliver the nutrients that your skin needs to stay healthy, moisturized and clean.

This oil can be used on damp, clean skin (we recommend after using your toner or Hydrosol), to moisturize and soothe. Just a few drops will spread and smooth over your skin beautifully, light blend that it is.



But what else can you do with it?

Oil Cleansing!

What's Oil Cleansing?

Essentially, oil cleansing is using oils to soften and break up oils already trapped in the pores and release it with steam, to easily rinse away and leave nothing but soft and supple skin behind.

Oil cleansing is specifically helpful for those suffering with acne and problem skin. Don't let the use of oils on your face scare you, there is something to this! Oils are notoriously hard to remove from skin with water and soap, so we end up using harsh chemicals to break up oils and try to flush them out. This dries out our skin and causes an over production of oil to compensate for the dryness, and only compacts an already hard-to-handle problem.

When you use oils on your face to cleanse, you are naturally softening the oils and impurities and dirt that are trapped in your skin, like an oil vacuum. Oil is attracted to other oils and is only broken down by other oils, so we use oils to pull oils and clear the pores.

It's like having a spa treatment in your own home and you can do it every night!

You do need a few things to begin oil cleansing:

  • Hot (not scalding, but steamy) fresh running water, a clean washcloth, and Blend #1
  • Using your dropper bottle, fill the dropper up with the oil and empty it into your palm, gently rubbing your hands together to warm the oil and make it easier to spread.
  • With your fingertips begin to rub the oils onto your dry face, this is important, do not wet your face, oil and water don't mix after all... no need to use makeup remover or wash your face before hand, these oils will remove concealer and even the most stubborn mascara!
  • Firm but gentle pressure is key, work the oils into your skin and concentrate on the especially difficult areas on your face to make sure that the oils are working their way into your skin and doing their thing.
  • This may take a few minutes, like 3-5, up to 10 if you wish, but this is where you take a little "Me Time" to chill out, relax, grab a chair, and rub this oil on your face. Breathe deeply, think of happy things, and take this time for you! The longer it sits the more complete the cleansing will be!
  • After you've let this blend do its thing and you feel satisfied with the level of saturation, begin to run your washcloth under the steamy hot water - again, not scalding! We only want to steam the skin, just like they do in the high-end salons. Take that washcloth that's all hot and steamy and (unfolded) lay it over your face, just like they do with hot shaves. We are now steaming the oils and impurities and they are all coming to the surface of your skin.
  • Leave the cloth on your face for about a minute or until it gets cool, then flip it over and do the same with the other side. Rinse your cloth and then gently pat skin of excess oils. There is no need to wipe hard or scrub your skin, simply lightly blot or dab if needed. The oils left on your skin are protecting your skin from overproducing oils, as they haven't been stripped away like with a normal cleanse.


See, that wasn't that hard, and you didn't have to scrub or add chemicals or soap to your face!

We recommend that this is done at night to clean the day away. This means you will wake with a clean face and no more than a quick rinse, or wipe with a damp warm towel is needed in the morning, as well as a refreshing spritz of Hydrosol or toner if you feel the need. As with any change in skin routine you will have an adjustment period, possibly even seeing a more active seeming skin pattern the first week of using this method, this will pass as your skin purges and clarifies itself. This is normal and will pass, so stick with it, it's worth it!!


Blend #1 Ingredients: Hazelnut Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Caprylic Capric Triglycerides, Jojoba Seed Oil, Squalane (Olive), Argan Nut Oil, Tamanu Oil, Full Spectrum Tocopherol (Vitamin E) Oil, Aloe Vera in Safflower Oil, Thioctic Acid (Alpha Lipoic Acid),
Ascorbyl Palmitate (Vitamin C) Ester, Matricaria recutita (Chamomile German) CO2 Extract, Calendula officinalis (Calendula) CO2 Extract, Green Tea Extract, Carrot Extract, Cucumber Extract

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